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Graduation Ceremony




This is to inform the general Public that the office of the university Bursar at Azman University, Kano is vacant.



Azman University Kano obtained its provisional license to operate as a Private University on 15th May, 2023. The University is deeply committed towards realizing its dream for a world class status where research and innovations are the order of the day. Her philosophy is strictly guided by the desire to raise problem solvers for the nation through the production of highly skilled and motivated graduates. This informed the decision of the Governing Council to recruit carefully selected and competent Management Staff with commendable pedigree and international flavor for academic disciplines to ensure that the students are given the best attention and proper guidance throughout their stay at Azman University.



The vision of Azman University is to be a world-class institution for human capital development, innovation and research in health sciences, social and management sciences, agriculture, engineering, aviation, arts and humanities.



The mission of Azman University is ‘to produce highly skilled and sought after graduates and professionals through innovative research and education, using state-of-the-art technologies.



The philosophy of Azman University is anchored on core values of academic quality, critical thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, excellence, social responsibility, and sustainable development. Education has to be of the right quality and scope to impact positively on development. Content of training should be relevant to the goals and aspirations of the Proprietor. Thus, University shall be driven by innovation in making contribution to humanity, especially in the areas of providing high quality education and enduring health care delivery and other manpower needs.


The Azman University shall be dedicated to training and educating men and women for a full life and successful careers. It shall be the goal of University to produce men and women who shall contribute to the growth and development of society, as well as excel in their individual chosen careers. University also hopes to contribute to the growth and development of businesses and governance, and thereby becoming the center of choice for the training and re-training of top Government functionaries and captains of industries.


The philosophy of Azman University is also built on the principles of excellence in academics, as well as the provision of an excellent academic environment comparable to any University in the world. Thus, the goal shall be to produce the best blend of academic and social environment for the pursuit of excellence. This shall be achieved through linkages and collaborations, which shall ensure that the principles of partnership with Government and industry are infused into the management of University.



The law establishing Azman University has outlined its objectives aimed at meeting its vision and mission. The objectives of Azman University are to:


  1. Encourage the advancement of learning and to hold out to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex or political conviction the opportunity of acquiring a higher and liberal education;

  2. Provide sources of instruction and other facilities for the pursuit of learning in all its branches, and to make those facilities available on proper terms to such persons as are equipped to benefit from them;

  3. Encourage and promote scholarship and conduct research in all fields of learning and human endeavor;

  4. Evolve academic programs to suit the changing social and economic needs of society through continuous review of curricular and development of new programs through structural flexibility to respond to societal and technological changes;

  5. Create and expand access and opportunities for education, attract and retain quality students, researchers, and teachers, thereby assisting in developing human capital and mitigating the brain drain currently afflicting Nigeria;

  6. Produce internationally acceptable graduates that could compete favorably with their peers anywhere in the world;


  1. Carry out basic and. applied research leading to the domestication, and application of new technologies to the Nigeria context through collaborative linkages with other academic and research institutions in Africa and the rest of the world;

  2. Establish a Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies to stimulate job creation and innovative abilities in students from onset of their studies, in such a way that graduates shall be resourceful, self-reliant and job creators; and

  3. Undertake other activities appropriate for teaching, research and community service as expected of a University of high standard.



For the actualization of the above stated objectives, the following strategies shall be adopted:

  1. Mounting undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various disciplines to meet students’ needs for learning, economic/social and technological challenges, University shall be accessible to diverse markets, and shall offer curricula designed to serve their needs;

  2. Recruitment and retention of staff with the skills, experience and attitudes and deep flair for research to implement its strategy as well as creating positive research environment to maximize the potential of staff;

  3. Mounting compulsory courses to cut across all programs to enhance learning, social integration and entrepreneurship;

  4. Non-discrimination in students’ admissions on the basis of gender, tribe, religion, political leanings or physical disability. Only candidates that are qualified and able to benefit from good University education shall stand a good chance of being admitted. In addition to the UTME, there may be another student selection examination/interview. However, University shall be gender sensitive in its admissions;

  5. Methods of instruction shall be face-to-face interaction with extensive practical and tutorials also being designed and students shall be given opportunities to be innovative in their approach to practical projects while independent thoughts shall be highly encouraged. Modern teaching techniques shall also be employed to produce thoroughly bred students, while modern facilities shall be made available to stimulate curiosity, creativity and ingenuity. Industrial attachment shall also be emphasized;

  6. Continuous assessment, both theory and practical, to ensure students are up to date on their studies shall be implemented;

  7. Periodic curricula review to take into account feedbacks from industries and global developments;

  8. Students’ services to ensure that they have access to these services, which shall include welfare, counseling, career planning and placement, and accommodation;

  9. Strict adherence to the projected student population, as stated in the appendices to this Academic Brief, to enhance the delivery of quality University education;

  10. Engaging in the motivation of students, teachers, and other employees to integrate traditional academic values, creative and entrepreneurial ideas;

  11. Assembling a crop of seasoned academicians from within and outside of Nigeria and deliberately attract them with good remunerations;

  12. Embarking on operation 'train the trainer’, offering training opportunities and staff development programs in world class Universities to the academic staff;

  13. Establishing clear lines of academic management and priorities and allocating more continuous times to research and hands-on practical and laboratory activities; and

  14. Ensuring excellent mutual beneficial and cordial relationship between the host community and University.



Azman University is set to make significant impact within the community of higher academic institutions in Nigeria and in the world. Given the location of the University in Kano, it is envisaged that it shall attract students from across Nigeria and beyond. The academic programs of Azman University are planned to meet this expectation. In view of this, University has acquired an appropriate size of land and shall provide all necessary facilities, infrastructure and manpower for its effective take-off. Also, adequate funds shall be set aside by the Proprietor for take-off and to guarantee the smooth running of University for effective service delivery. This is expected to result in quality academic programs at University that shall be attractive to students.


The Azman University shall offer excellent curricula in all disciplines to be offered. Disciplines such as in the Agriculture, Arts, Computing, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Health Sciences, Law, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Science, and Social and Management Sciences shall be offered by the University. Sufficient facilities, laboratory equipment, classrooms, workshops, and conducive environment shall be provided to guarantee the quality of academic programs. Required processes shall also be introduced to ensure that University attracts and retains high quality staff such as implementing attractive salaries and welfare packages, staff training and re-training. Student enrolment in University shall be in line with the Federal Government Policy of 60:40 Science/Arts ratio and shall also take into account the available facilities.


The University shall achieve quality in its undergraduate programs in Phase 1 of its development so as to successfully establish a Postgraduate School by Phase 2. This is expected to rapidly project University into the group of first rate Universities.


The Azman University shall establish linkages and collaborations with existing Universities in Nigeria, research institutes, as well as other similar institutions in Africa and in the world. It shall also establish linkages with industries, private organizations, international bodies, and donor partners. The goal of the linkages and collaborations shall project University as a progressive partner for social and economic growth, for innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as a friend to industries.



Applications are therefore invited from suitably qualified candidates for the appointment to the post of University BURSAR



Prospective candidate must hold a good bachelor of science (honors) degree in accounting or any other relevant degree from a recognized university. Such candidate must not be above 60 years of age on assumption of duty, and competent in relevant accounting software(s). In addition, he/she must be a full member of at least one of the following professional bodies:

  1. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)

  2. Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN):

The applicant must have a minimum of 15 years cognate experience and at least 10 years of which must have been spent in the university system.




The university Bursar is a Principal Officer and the Chief Financial Officer of the university: responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration and control of the financial affairs of the university. He/she shall provide the university management with appropriate advice and support for all the institutions financial transactions, including investments.



The Bursar shall hold office on such terms and conditions as may be specified in his/her instrument of appointment.



Interested and qualified candidates are to send their applications, curriculum vitae and all other necessary credentials as attachment in PDF format to:



The following format should be used for preparation of curriculum vitae:

  1. Full name with surname capitalized

  2. Date of birth, town and state of origin

  3. Nationality

  4. Current postal address (including GSM number and email address)

  5. Permanent home town address

  6. Marital status

  7. Institutions attended with dates

  8. Academic qualifications (degrees with classes-copies of certificates to be enclosed)

  9. Teaching, research, administrative and managerial experience

  10. Academic distinction

  11. Membership of academic and professional bodies

  12. Scholarly publications, the link to Google Scholar, ORCID, SCOPUS and Research Gate  

  13. Names and addresses of three (3) referees. Referees should be contacted by each candidate to submit signed electronic copies of confidential report in PDF format to the same email address stated above, attesting to the candidate’s academic and managerial abilities as well as his/her moral character and uprightness.



Candidates are also required to submit fifteen (15) hard copies of their applications, curriculum vitae and necessary credentials under confidential cover in a sealed envelopes marked “POST OF BURSAR, AZMAN UNIVERSITY, KANO” to:


Azman Group of Companies Head Office,

341, Mariri-kate Jido, Along Maiduguri Road,

Kano, Kano State, Nigeria.


All applications both in hard and electronic copies should be submitted on or before 4 weeks from the date of this publication


Only qualified candidates will be requested to make themselves available for interview with the Selection Committee of the Governing Council.






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