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Important note on published information


The information provided in this Application Guide and on the Admissions webpages is authoritative and encompasses the latest and most extensive details regarding the admissions process and requirements. It is important to note that these details may undergo changes, and the currently accessible online version should be regarded as the ultimate source of information at any given moment.


In order to streamline and simplify our application process, we have established two application methods that can be completed conveniently from the comfort of your home.


Click the button below to apply.


Azman University operates without fixed application deadlines, allowing you to apply for admission at any time. Prior to initiating your application, it is essential to ensure that both your application and all accompanying documents are prepared and ready for submission.


When selecting your course, carefully review the course page to ensure you meet the entry requirements, given the highly competitive nature of admissions at Azman. For transfer students, it's crucial to be acquainted with the structure and content of the course. The course pages will indicate whether your desired course is presently open for applications during your chosen entry period.


Explore our diverse programs offering both online and on-campus options. When registering, indicate your preference for either mode on the designated site. Tailor your educational experience to suit your needs with our flexible program choices. Join us and embark on your academic journey seamlessly.


You will receive an email notification from the Undergraduate Admissions office once your application has been sent to the department for assessment. Usually this notification is sent within a few working days. Whilst the department will start to assess your application once you have completed and submitted the application form


Once your application is approved, an admission offer will be extended to you. Access your dashboard to formally accept the admission and promptly obtain and print your admission letter. This crucial document serves as confirmation of your acceptance into the program and should be retained for future reference.

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